Career options at HUECK FOLIEN

As a recognized technology leader in the field of first class coatings, we secure tailor-made product advantages for our customers through stable quality and reliable service. Every member of the HUECK FOLIEN Team is aware of his or her responsibilities to create originality and continue to guarantee it in years to come, a task that is naturally linked to the highest quality and service standards.

HUECK FOLIEN offers interesting jobs to graduates of professional, technical and economic schools, universities as well as universities of applied sciences in the area of Research & Development, Technical Product Management, Administration and Production. There is also the possibility for students to write their thesis for HUECK FOLIEN. The company addresses to scholars, students and graduates of technical and economic studies.

"The opportunity to work for HUECK FOLIEN as Regional Sales Director Asia based in Hong Kong came to me as a godsend: Assuming a highly visible position for a well-respected, independent supplier of high security features – among other product lines – and moving to  Hong Kong, the capital of the most dynamic region in the world, well, how could I not jump at that? And it has been rewarding indeed. I can hop on an airplane in the morning, be in meetings in the afternoon, and back in Hong Kong in the evening – all in one day. Compare that with being based in Europe or USA where you’d have to spend one whole day each way just to get here. Furthermore,  customers appreciate that we have an office in Hong Kong. It sends a strong message that we are serious about Asia, and that we have made a commitment to provide local service to our customers in this region."

(Lars Gabel, Regional Sales Director Asia, since 2012 at HUECK FOLIEN)