Letter of the CEO on COVID-19

Dear valued Customers,
Suppliers and Partners of HUECK FOLIEN,

in Austria we are now in week 4 of the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19. In some countries the situation has already been taking longer, some are only just at the beginning. I am aware that you are currently facing your own, different challenges related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I assure you that we are conscious of our responsibility for supply chains and we will do our very best to support you in meeting your challenges.

As a manufacturer of label facestock we deliver to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, as a producer of security features we supply the banknote industry. Therefore, we are regarded as a critical infrastructure by the Austrian authorities. We take this particular responsibility very serious and immediately implemented comprehensive protection measures for our employees at the beginning of the crisis in Austria.

If possible, employees have been working at home-office since three and a half weeks. At the plant, we keep a distance of 2 meters during all activities and have introduced numerous hygiene measures. We especially avoid the exchange of workforce between separated production areas and the shift transfers within the areas have been reorganized that the distance can be maintained at every stage of our processes. Infection can thus be eliminated with the greatest possible certainty.

Our measures are successful, we have no infection and no quarantine in our entire team after three
and a half weeks. The plant in Baumgartenberg is fully in operation, we are adequately supplied with
raw materials and can fulfill all orders as planned. Hence, we will continue to take all measures in
the coming weeks to ensure a consistent delivery capability. I would ask you, especially our
suppliers, to continue your support to ensure this.

We are available on all well-known channels as well as via video conference. All colleagues are at
your disposal at any time.

I thank you for your trust in HUECK FOLIEN and above all I wish you: Stay healthy!

Best Regards,

Dr. Martin Bergsmann

Baumgartenberg, April 8th, 2020