Presentation of SECURITY product highlights

HUECK FOLIEN presented its latest product developments and innovations in the field of SECURITY at the Security Printers Conference of INTERGRAF in April in Copenhagen. One of the highlights was the presentation of the Kinetic Security Feature, the Coactive ThreadTM, with a brilliant hologram on the one side as well as a colour shifting effect on the other side. Moreover, HUECK FOLIEN exhibited innovative holographic foils, like SIGNET, and security threads for banknotes, like Picture Thread®. Besides the presentation of high security features for banknotes and documents, HUECK FOLIEN introduced different holographic foils for Tax Stamps at the show.

The HUECK FOLIEN team looks back on a very successful conference in Copenhagen and is looking forward to the next Security Printers Conference of INTERGRAF in autumn 2016 in Seville.