HUECK FOLIEN develops further

The coating specialist HUECK FOLIEN in Baumgartenberg closed the year 2013 very successful. For the first time in the company's history HUECK FOLIEN reached an annual turnover of 50m EUR.

A new coating centre with clean room and the extension of the safety production area as well as of the R&D area with our new innovation centre are essential cornerstones in the successful growth of the family-owned business.

Qualified labour together with an extensive investment programme at the company's headquarters in Baumgartenberg over the last years are the basis of this success. In order to further develop its employees, HUECK FOLIEN startet the training programme KOMPETENZ (competence). According to Dr. Martin Bergsmann, CEO "The safety and health of our employees as well as the quality of our products have highest priority". This is also proven by the health initiative VITAL which started last year.

In our three core markets - Security, Labeling and Design - HUECK FOLIEN continuously launches new products. The two brands VISCORA®, a premium surface film, and TAMPLEX®, the new security label, are two of the latest developments of the company's R&D Team.

Press release HUECK FOLIEN dated February 17th, 2014