Absolute homogenous, monochrome

This is one of our specialities. For us, what nature in all its perfection teaches us with the still, smooth surface of a mountain lake in the early morning constitutes consummate design. However, what is a matter of course in the natural world represents a major challenge on a technical level. We take up this challenge and master it with films that precisely meet customer requirements. Multicolour motif printing is also a matter of course and our clients are able to apply these films on a variety of base materials such as steel, textiles, wood, plastics, paper and nonwovens, etc.

Our design films not only offer perfect surfaces, but also superior functionality like extreme scratch resistance. Moreover, should customers so request, we furnish the films with additional functional characteristics. Apart from resistance against diverse chemical and physical influences, these include special, easy-to-clean finishes and touch-sensitive buttons. In addition, we offer these high-quality films in formable and back-filling variations.


Markus Brezina
Sales Director Design


In Asia:

Florian Haider
Regional Sales Asia

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