The basis for top quality labels

The materials used for security labels take the growing demands in the product and manipulation protection area into full account. We offer a diversity of VOID effects, designs, hidden security features and a wealth of other metallised or colour varnished solutions. The coated films and papers that we produce facilitate the manufacture of every type of self-adhesive label.

HUECK FOLIEN varnishes facilitate the printing of the widest possible variety of base materials with a diversity of printing processes and ensure durability even under extreme conditions of use. We offer an extensive pallet of primers for conventionally dried and UV-hardened printing inks. Combinations allow the creation of customised solutions for printing with all the processes of relevance to labels.


Reinhard Kammerhuber
Sales Director Pressure Sensitive Industry

Johann Hilburger
Sales Manager Pressure Sensitive Industry

In Asia:

Lars Gabel
Regional Sales Director Asia


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