Recycled Films

HUECK FOLIEN as a premium supplier for face material films introduces a new product line with recycled base films. The new films are produced from chemical or mechanical recycling sources. For certain constructions an approval for food contact can be offered. Depending on the material, the recycling rate is between 30% and 100%.

We are able to use the recycled films in our diverse machinery. The recycled base films can be used in constructions for coated, dyed, metallized, laminated or tamper-proof products.

The design possibilities are many and varied and the visual appearance of R-PET products is very similar to films made from virgin material. RPE films contain more gels, which are located in the middle layer of the film but do not affect the printing process. Our recycled films are used as a sustainable face material for PSA-labels, as a base film for self-adhesive tapes and for graphic applications.


Reinhard Kammerhuber