Silskin® - Top coated PE silver

SILSKIN® is one of the latest developments of the HUECK FOLIEN team in the field of LABELING products. This innovative product was presented at Labelexpo Europe 2017 for the first time. This direct metallised silver film is based on PE-LD and is a perfect facestock film for commodity products with best printability. Both, metal and topcoat are located on the front side of the film to give an excellent metallic background for decorative labels. The main features of this labeling product are its perfect printability as well as the possible width of up to 2,200 mm. The printable bright silver PE of HUECK FOLIEN is used for FMCG products in formable tubes, like cosmetics, since this metallised PE film is highly formable without difficulty. When squeezing a tube with a label based on the direct metallised PE silver of HUECK FOLIEN, the label will keep its shape without showing a change in its appearance. For the surface finish a glossy or matt design of the metallised film are possible. HUECK FOLIEN offers a range of printable topcoats for this product, like (UV-)flexo, (UV-)screen, thermal transfer or HP Indigo.


Reinhard Kammerhuber