Picture Thread® - Portrait in security thread

The new design of PICTURE THREAD®  from HUECK FOLIEN shows the image of a cheetah which represents a gracile and smart but also powerful and dynamic character which shows vitality since it is very fast and flexible. The cheetah is highly specialised in his characteristics and sharp-sighted – characteristics that also apply to HUECK FOLIEN and the company’s specialised products in the field of high security features.

With PICTURE THREAD®, complex elements and highly detailed images such as portraits, emblems, coat of arms, buildings, etc. can be featured in a security thread. Moreover, new possibilities of designs are widened. Printed images on the banknote and the watermark design can be reproduced on the thread to provide harmony and consistency with the overall design of the note. This consistent design is also shown in the new design of HUECK FOLIEN: the cheetah is part of the banknote but also part of the security thread. Therefore, the banknote is readily recognizable and verifiable and security is increased.


Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Jan Hofmann

For Asia:
Florian Haider